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Rose is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

What is a Session of Past-Life Regression?

The Past-Life Regression Session offers an opportunity to go deeply into those parts of your past that are troubling you now. 

Although your conscious mind may not know the cause, your subconscious mind does. In a gentle, safe way you are guided to remember and release frozen blocks from your past.

The particular type of past-life regression session I offer in Washington D.C./Northern Virginia is called Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

My training involves being certified as a hypnotist and also doing regression sessions, being a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and also IAART.

Especially notable in my training is personal mentoring with Dr. Coletta Long, who started her pioneering work in hypnosis and regression work at age 18 and continued well into her 80's.    

Dr. Long isn't as well known as Dr. Brian Weiss, Sylvia Browne, and others, but her work includes the most extraordinary discoveries I have encountered anywhere. I am honored to have learned past-life regression skills from her.

How does the past limit our present?

It happens through frozen blocks of fear and pain.  As long as they remain stuck in cellular memory, the blocks will keep a person repeating old patterns.

To receive benefits from past-life regression, you don't have to know everything about your past. Even one session can bring huge results.

What is involved in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

You are gently guided into your past (whether this life or some other lifetime) . Your own subconscious mind chooses which events are most closely related to your intention for the session. 

I use my skill set as a certified hypnotist and regression specialist to help you to release frozen blocks that limit you in life.

When frozen blocks of energy are released, you're empowered. You see, the purpose of past-life regression is to help you in the present.

Usually your session will include a recording that you can use to gain additional results at home. My sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®  are held in Sterling, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

What are some of the overall benefits of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

Sessions are especially helpful for problems like these:

  • Building self-confidence

  • Weight reduction

  • Helping a person to stop smoking cigarettes

  • Reducing fears, anxiety attacks, worrying

  • Overcoming depression

  • Healing some chronic health complaints, like asthma, headaches and backaches

  • Increasing sexual fulfillment, healing dysfunction

  • Memory improvement, removing mental blocks

  • Enlivening psychic ability, direct experience of angelic healing

What other results can come from a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® can bring you amazing, soulful insights. Want to understand the role of your subconscious mind and wake up the talents you have gained over many lifetimes? I can help. For instance:

  • Why did you choose certain relationships? Could you gain insights that help you to forgive and, even, be grateful for certain incidents that have happened?

  • Have you ever had a lifetime where you were confident or rich or famous or hugely happy? Maybe memories of the past can help you in the present.

  • What is your best positive past history with that parent or lover or child? Inspire yourself with words of truth from your own subconscious mind.

  • Could you have studied with one of the world's great spiritual masters, like Jesus or Buddha?

  • Go back and awaken those energy circuits. Discover the reason for today's likes and dislikes.  Keep what you like and change what you don't, removing frozen blocks of energy as you go.

Yes, with Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, it is definitely possible to discover talents, skills and abilities that you learned and earned in past lives. 

Finally, what if you've been wondering, "What is the purpose of my life"? Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® can bring you answers as nothing else can. Discover the major lessons you have chosen to learn in your current lifetime.

Do you guarantee results from Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

I can guarantee that I will use past-life regression techniques that have proven useful for thousands of clients. Otherwise, no specific results can be promised, and some conditions like weight reduction usually require more than one sessions to bring results. 

Yet many of my clients have found that even one session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®  has helped with chronic conditions when nothing else did. 

At a minimum, your session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®  will be a unique opportunity for self-knowledge and healing in depth.

Can I be hypnotized? I know many other people have been able to do it, but what about me?

If you have normal intelligence you can be successfully hypnotized.

Some of my clients for regression sessions have described me as "relentless." Only in the nicest way, of course. ;-)

What can I do to get the best results from one of your sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

Don't come drunk.

Other than that, you can just arrive in a normal state, be yourself, and get ready for an exploration.

Here's what you don't have to do: Believe in the process.

Of course, it is helpful if you just explore without judging how you are doing at the time. Isn't all self-development that way?

Flow with the process. Usually there will be a recording of the your session, so you will be able to review what happened later... and appreciate how deeply you were hypnotized. 

Innocence, rather than judging, allows your subconscious mind to direct the healing without resistance.

Must I believe in past lives for Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® to work?

No, you need only believe in the present one, and want it to be the best it can be.

Just within this lifetime, your subconscious mind has access to experiences that happened within the womb, your earliest experiences, etc. If you feel strongly that you don't believe in past lives, or you just don't want to go there, no problem. There's plenty to be released from this life.

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® takes you into your past, aiming for exactly those experiences connected with helping you to gain present results.

If you are willing to go to the source of frozen blocks whenever they happen, you may be surprised at the depth of experience that comes up, as well as the healing that comes as a result of your session.  And that is where the rubber meets the road, isn't it?  Results!  Healing!

You mean I don't have to go into past lives at all?

The wisdom of your Inner Self will take you precisely to the most important memories for clearing, based on your intention for a session.  You might experience childhood memories, even memories from when your mother was pregnant with you.  Whatever you experience, I think you'll be amazed at how vivid that experience is -- and how beneficial it can be to clear frozen blocks from your past.

During Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®,  will I see events go by like a movie?

The answer is yes and no.  Yes, like a movie on film, tape, or DVD, all the events of your lives have been "recorded" by your subconscious mind.  In a deep trance, you can run this movie at any speed, rewind, fast forward, etc.  As directed in your session, you can run this movie quickly or slowly, frame by frame, in order to fully release frozen blocks.

As for the "no" part of the answer, go to the answer of the next question.

What happens if I don't see anything during my session?

Sometimes people new to this process expect that memories will run by exactly like a movie, very visually, perhaps even with special effects.  Well, this part isn't necessarily true.  During Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, you have the same balance of senses that you have in the rest of your life.

It's like my method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.  If, for instance, you're very emotionally aware, or have lots of experiences in your body, then that's exactly how you'll remember a past life.  You won't suddenly become all visual, all the time.

So could a Past-Life Regression help you to become more confident as an aura reader?

Definitely, not to mention that you could have this as your intention for a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.  Many of us with metaphysical interests today have had at least one lifetime of being burned or tortured for being a witch.  This isn't a matter of comfortable, easy speculation, either.  If this sort of thing happened once upon a time, you're probably still carrying the memory.  Until released, it will inhibit your depth of experience now.

Which are popular topics for your sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

Weight reduction, help to stop smoking, removal of influences from Perpetrator lifetimes, and spiritual inspiration.

What kind of session can I expect if my goal is weight loss?

We'd use an in-depth approach that combines state-of-the-art hypnotism with removal of the underlying causes for overeating.

How would your approach to smoking cessation be different from standard regression?

Hypnotism helps a person to reprogram old patterns.  In a society where marketing is so pervasive that elementary kids recognize Joe Camel, I agree that reprogramming is important.  Yet I believe it will be most effective only if the person can also remove the inner reasons for smoking.

Long-buried memories can hold the answer to that common question, "Why can't I stop this unwanted behavior?"

I take Prozac. I'd love to get off it. Could Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® help?

Of course, you would need to stay in touch with the health professional who gives you medication.  Sometimes, yes, releasing frozen blocks does make it possible to rebalance in a way where medication becomes unnecessary.

How can Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®  heal illnesses that are supposed to be incurable, like rheumatoid arthritis?

I don't make medical claims for these sessions.  Still, think about this:

People who in past lives have been injured, wounded or tortured may carry the pain associated with those events into their current lifetime.  This energy is called "cellular memory."  It can be accessed by the subconscious mind.

Just becoming aware of those traumatic events can begin to shift the pain back to that earlier lifetime where it belongs.  Other times, different processes are used in your session to guide your subconscious mind to release the painful part of the memory.

Can you explain how Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® can help me with relationships in the present?

Traveling back into past lives, you may find people who are related to you in this lifetime.  Why have you reconnected?  You can find out, e.g., it could be for a painful lesson or a continued growth in love.

Lessons not successfully learned in past lives will be offered again in the present and future lifetimes. The roles played are different from lifetime to lifetime.  Many times, relationship problems that have caused pain, be it emotional, mental or physical, will intensify if not resolved.  Lack of forgiveness is an unnecessary burden that can be released during your session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

Can you explain about "perpetrator lives" and what they have to do with Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

This is one of Dr. Coletta Long's contributions to the field. Believing that there are no "innocent victims," she developed methods to move the client into a lifetime where behavior set in motion difficult patterns. These are "perpetrator lives."

Anyone who plans to graduate from Earth School is going to set up some lifetimes as a perpetrator.  Revisiting such a lifetime, you'll find yourself doing little experiments, like killing, raping, torturing.  Having revisited such lifetimes, both as a regression specialist and a client, I can assure you that great freedom is to be found in going through such experiences.  Most of us struggle so hard to be good.  It's an extraordinary eye-opener to remember doing things that are really bad.

During a perpetrator life, do we still retain frozen blocks?

Yes.  Even though mostly we feel fine about what we're doing, a part of the soul still feels guilty, and this frozen block sets in motion a number of victim experiences in subsequent lifetimes.  Once we release the frozen block, we stop creating further experiences at the same vibrational frequency.

Sounds interesting, but what would be the therapeutic value of re-experiencing this?

Even if mostly you feel no remorse at hurting other people, a part of you will feel shame or guilt.  When frozen in cellular memory, this energy attracts many subsequent experiences where you become the victim.  Therefore, it's highly efficient to go straight for the lives where you set such things in motion.  Remove the cause and you can stop a negative pattern for good.

How about regressions for inspiration?  Is this where you find out you were some famous person, like Cleopatra?

Hardly.  We'd start with an area of life that's important to you, then find out if we can reconnect you to lifetimes where you succeeded -- whether that was having a happy marriage, raising children who turned out great, something related to a long-standing professional desire, or studying with one of the great spiritual masters who has walked the earth in times past.

Or maybe you just have the feeling that you have been in a particular place or done a certain kind of work, and you'd like to find out why.

Reconnecting to a particular area of interest may ignite certain abilities held in cellular memory, greatly improving your confidence now.

I'm concerned about the possibility of false memories.  I've heard too many stories about people who thought they were abused and, maybe, weren't.

Or those jokes about all the people who thought they were Cleopatra, etc.

How do you know if memories are real or not?

Methodology has a great deal to do with the results of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.  All practitioners don't use the same methods.  In my work, I'm very careful to ask questions that do not set up expectations in the mind of the client.

Results are the other answer to your question.   When clients release a negative experience from cellular memory and find results, that's my favorite way for them to be convinced of the validity of Regression work.

Rose, what training have you had for this kind of work?

Initially, I relied on methods developed by Katrina Raphaell and Susan Kingsley-Rowe.  Later, I studied with Dr. Coletta Long, who probably knows more about Regression work than anyone living.  She began at the age of 18 and continued giving sessions into her 80's.  She had a long waiting list and clients from all over the country.

Dr. Long has pioneered techniques for removing frozen blocks and releasing the effect of perpetrator lifetimes.  If you've been intrigued by the work of Dr. Brian Weiss or Rev. Sylvia Browne, I think you'll be fascinated by Dr. Long's contribution to this field.  I certainly feel honored to have taken her program.  I'm also a certified Consulting Hypnotist.

Are all methods of Past-Life Regression alike?

Not at all.  Many practitioners are content to do the equivalent of a psychic reading, where you receive information about past lives.  While this beats watching "The History Channel," the healing value may be limited.

Some of the most famous practitioners today emphasize the story value, but learning the story of past lives is just the beginning.  Dr. Coletta Long has pioneered techniques to go after frozen blocks, held in cellular memory, and release them completely.  I am grateful that she has taught me how to do this, because these techniques are really effective.

How would a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® like this compare with having a psychic tell me about past lives?

The latter has entertainment value.  But unless the practitioner can help you to remove the emotions and energy stuck in your body, a pattern will not be released.  We all know people who have been in analysis for years, and can recount long stories about all they've learned about themselves, yet nothing much has changed in their lives.

But I know someone who can tell me about all my past lives in one session.  Frankly, it would be a lot cheaper than doing a bunch of regressions with you.  What would be the advantage of what you offer?

Information is fascinating.  If you don't need healing, go for it.  If you do need healing, you may not find much from being told stories about various lives.  Wouldn't you rather have the direct experience, plus the healing value, rather than have someone give you a summary?

What happens in a typical session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

For your first session, allow three hours since I'll start with an interview about your goals and history.  Subsequent sessions are just two hours.

How do I move into my past?  Will you hypnotize me?

I do guide you into a trance state, but don't let the term "hypnosis" put you off, because people go into trance states often -- like while watching TV, driving a car, attending many religious services, etc.  The altered state at the start of a regression will allow you to go as deeply within as you wish to go, and you'll never be asked to do anything that you wouldn't wish to do normally.

What if I'm afraid to be hypnotized?

There is no danger.  During the session, you will be aware of everything that is happening around you.  No hypnotist can take you deeper than you wish to go, and no matter how deep you do go you will always be in control.

Rose is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Does anyone ever not come back?

For you to never come back, I'd have to charge an extra $3. ;-)  Seriously, it is rare for a client to be so completely immersed in the experience that he or she loses touch with the here and now.  Some part of you always knows that you are in a regression session.

What if I can't be hypnotized?

Nobody can hypnotize you against your will.  Yet many of the clients who have come to me report that they tried and failed to be hypnotized.  Well, sometimes they just didn't trust that particular hypnotist. 

Sometimes it wasn't a quality experience but more of a group experience, where individual attention couldn't be paid.  At the very least, you will have a relaxing experience that allows you to move out all the blockage that is possible for you to release at that time.

What if I'm still not sure that I could do well in this type of session?

Then you might wish to start with an Aura Transformation session.

Perhaps you are a good candidate for a Third Eye Opening, which will help to prepare you to enjoy a Regression more.

What happens when you explore a past life?

I lead you through various key incidents of that lifetime, focusing on unresolved emotions, problems and conflicts.  After we find frozen blocks we remove them.  Dr. Long's brilliant healing techniques depend upon having a client safely feel and remove stuck emotions, learning how to release these limiting experiences and reclaim inner strength.

How does it feel to remove a frozen block?

Each person experiences the release differently, e.g., as an insight, a sudden sense of freedom, or a physical surge of energy.  Sometimes cellular memory causes temporary pain or heaviness, or other minor physical feelings.

After one of your sessions, will I have the complete story of each past life?

Probably not.  My goal isn't entertainment or history but bringing you as many results as I can.  So I'll work in collaboration with your subconscious mind and Higher Self to move you in and out of experiences that will produce results.

What will I feel? Is it scary to go into those past experiences?

I will be holding a space for you, making it feel safe to go into any stuck experience.  While you release frozen blocks, you will have appropriate feelings involved with what is happening, e.g., sadness, joy, fear, anger.

This is a releasing process, after all.  Before you leave, you'll be guided into a healing experience with your own spiritual light.  Overall, this process is empowering and leaves you feeling clearer and more connected to your own spiritual Source.

What about death?  Will I have to go through my dying in different lifetimes?

Sometimes you will be lead through that kind of experience, but in a way that frees you up.  Moving through the "death" of a past life character isn't nearly as difficult as you might think.  Often, it's surprisingly easy, and after a lifetime is over, you have the opportunity to review it with an expanded and compassionate understanding.  After going through a few of these experiences, fears of death may shift.

Vividly moving through one lifetime after another is one of the most freeing experiences a person can have in any form of regression work, period.

Anything more about what I can expect in a first session with you?

Clients go deeper into the experience with each session.  So the first session does not bring you to experiences of previous life.  Your current lifetime may be burdened with too much pain for you to go past it.  By releasing the pain of the present life, it becomes easier to explore past lives.

Any frozen blocks you are carrying, from this life or past experiences, needs to be released.  Doing this will bring benefits.

Why do these sessions take twice as long as your other sessions?

I must prepare you to go deeply within.  For an aura reading, I've done years of preparation so I can go within you, but in this case we are collaborating.

Could I experiment with just one 55-minute session first?

That's a fine experiment to do with a Face Reading Session or a session of Aura Transformation.  If you're local, I would recommend coming by for a Face Reading first, as it will delight you, give useful information about your talents in life, and help you decide if you feel comfortable with me facilitating your regression.

I'd really just like to hang out with you first, or perhaps, visit you over the phone.

That would be fun, but I have only so many hours in each day.  So I'd recommend meeting through any of my books or a class.  I now have a full-time Assistant. He can answer your questions and also schedule appointments.  Call Mitch at 703-450-9514.

How does this type of session differ from what you offer in the phone sessions for Aura Transformation?

Removing other astral debris, like psychic coercion, can help you to be more yourself.  Each session of Aura Transformation is different and is specifically tailored to help to fulfill your intention.

These sessions are quick, convenient, effective.  They've been producing results for my clients for over 20 years.

Nevertheless, for the deepest healing, I do recommend Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

You will participate more actively in the process, teaming up with me and your spiritual Source, for soul-level healing.

Which type of session do you recommend that I have first to help me deal with my relationship with my ex?  Would Aura Transformation be better or Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

I would recommend that you begin with one of the shorter sessions.  For many clients, this brings a lot of relief when there is a relationship problem. 

Sometimes, however, it isn't enough to remove the energetic patterns from someone else, as I would do in a session of Aura Transformation.  There may be patterns within you, frozen blocks from your past, that will keep repeating until removed.  That's when Regression work is the perfect follow-up to reading auras and other forms of deeper perception.

Do people really find it worthwhile to come from out of town for your sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?

Yes!  Based in Northern Virginia, I find that most of my clients come from the metro Washington D.C. area.  Yet clients also have come from different parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, India and Asia.  We are located near a major airport (Dulles International), and there are a great number of reasonably priced hotels close by to choose from. 

To make it worth your while, I offer a special Package to give you an excellent rate on four follow-up sessions, and out-of-towners can schedule multiple sessions over 1-3 days. Sometimes clients prefer to combine Regression sessions with Personal Mentoring or one of my Workshops, or both.

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