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Your subconscious mind holds the answer to many lifelong problems.  In your Past-Life Regression Session, Rose can guide you into an altered state, then work directly with your subconscious wisdom to help you change and heal from the inside out.



Rose Rosetree is a Certified Instructor (CI) and Consulting Hypnotist (CH) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).  She is the founder of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® which removes frozen blocks of energy and awakens a stronger soul expression. NGH Quality Website Award




For the past 20 years, I've done Regression Sessions along with other types of sessions for Aura Transformation.

Regressions are unsurpassed for lifting many relationship difficulties, even many health problems.  Habits like smoking, that are difficult to break, may not go away until cellular memories are cleared.  Weight problems that don't respond to simple dieting can often be released through Regression Sessions.

Issues around sex, parenting and marriage are also very appropriate to bring to one of these regressions.

How does the healing take place?  Some regressions bring inspiration and insight.  Beyond that, savvy students of metaphysics know that everyone has had Perpetrator Lives which set in motion difficulties in the present life; clearing the frozen blocks associated with one of these lives can have amazing results for lifting out patterns of victimhood.

In addition, as one of my students has observed, the more you study deeper perception, the clearer you want to be in your own aura, because your observations will be extra accurate, extra helpful.  I have found that to be true, as a person, as a teacher, as an emotional and spiritual healer.



A Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (past-life regression) session is one of the most powerful forms of healing on the planet.  Insights help you to release obstacles from your past that limit your present.  You may be able to change unwanted relationship patterns, fears, inappropriate cravings and dislikes.  Stubborn problems like being overweight and smoking often respond better to this form of treatment than any other.

A Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® session can also help you to re-discover talents, skills and abilities that you learned -- and earned -- in the past.  If you've been setting goals for years, and otherwise doing your very best, yet your career remains stalled, consider this possibility: Could the blockage come from patterns in your own cellular memory?

Perhaps you've had fear about public speaking or mental blocks.  Maybe you keep attracting people who sabotage your success.  Then consider the possibility that a Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® Session could be your best choice for healing.

In an altered state, it is possible to gain insight into why you chose your mother, father, spouse or boss at work.  You may release subconscious guilt that causes you to attract destructive relationships.  Certainly, you can gain deep understanding about the major lessons you've chosen for your current lifetime.

Let me give you an example:

One of my clients kept repeating a pattern of victimization.  "Madison" would make a friend, generously give to that friend, listen to that friend brag about her rising career.  As a result, Madison would let her own career become sabotaged.

First we did two session of Aura Transformation, where I cut cords of attachment to the most painful current examples of this pattern in Madison's life.  Next, we did a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, releasing the pattern for good.  Madison recalled an unpleasant experience of being a politically powerful figure whose last thought at death was, "I never want to have power again.  It only leads to misery."

At this point many regression specialists would stop.  They assume that it is sufficient for a person to remember old problems to release them.  Other specilists and psychics prefer to simply tell the client what happened with the well-intentioned belief that this would be enough to move out the the unwanted energy .  But neither approach will remove the cellular memory for good.

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® removes a kind of STUFF that can come from this lifetime or previous ones, frozen blocks of stuck energy. After STUFF removal, the client receives PUT-IN with what expresses the soul more fully. With the sample of Madison, she gained both the insight and STUFF removal and energetic PUT IN. This helped her to gain real-life benefits quite effortlessly. 



comparing SOUL ENERGY AWAKENING HYPNOSIS® with Aura Transformation SESSIONS

How is Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® different from Rose's sessions of Aura Transformation?  Here is a table to help you compare and contrast.

Aura Transformation Sessions


Compatible with Rose's Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®? Definitely!

Compatible with Rose's Aura Transformation sessions? Definitely!

Healing flows from the intention you bring to your session.

Healing flows from the intention you bring to your session.

Primarily you gain spiritual healing, with emotional healing as a side effect.

Emotional and physical healing are the focus. Rose's deeper perception adds information that help her facilitate the session.

Skepticism does not impede the process, because it depends on the healer's perception in conjunction with Divine Beings.

You will go only as deeply into the experience as you feel comfortable going. Your subconscious mind is the star here. For best results, you will be willing to explore deeply within.

Even when deep emotions are released, the underlying emotion for a session is joy.


No question, a regression will put you through an emotional workout, where releasing is very likely during the session. In some cases, you may need a couple of days before you feel back to normal. Actually, by then you are likely to feel better than normal.

When Rose facilitates, you won't be asked to do much, aside from setting an intention, choosing the Divine Being for your session, enjoying your "Before-and-After" picture.


Rose will co-create with you, using the skills of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® to ask questions and hold a space for your greatest benefit. The ideal client for Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® chooses to be an active participant in self-healing.

Any physical healing would be a side effect of a session. As an aura reader, Rose specializes in emotional and spiritual healing. If you're seeking a medical intuitive, it would be wise to seek elsewhere.


Physical illnesses and chronic pain are sometimes tied to frozen blocks from the past. If you are carrying these blocks and wish to release them, Rose can help to facilitate their removal. Although no medical claims are made, removing frozen blocks can only improve quality of life.

Choose this option if you are interested in developing your skills with deeper perception. Besides the benefits specific to your session, Rose will be demonstrating techniques that you can study later.

Choose this option if you are interested in psychological healing, curious about your own past lives, or you're dealing with patterns that have persisted despite other attempts at healing.

If you're seeking psychological insight, you'll prefer a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

If you're seeking spiritual insight, go for Aura Transformation or a Face Reading session.




Without getting too technical about it, most Regression Specialists have a different basis for their work from the type I would use in a session for you.   

Some practitioners use what I call The Psychiatric Model, Dr. Brian Weiss being the most well known practitioner. With this model, the patient is regressed to learn about the source of traumas.  When he finally knows enough of this past history, he will be healed.  Clearly, there have been many successes, just as with psychiatry.  Weiss' true stories make for great reading, but this may not be the most efficient model for bringing benefits. 

The other popular alternative is what I call The Psychic Model, Sylvia Browne being the best known practitioner. With this model, the client learns about her story, too. But the story may come from the specialist as much as from the client.  Or, in some cases, the practitioner will use feedback from angels, crystal healing or other methods to raise the client's vibrations along with learning about "the story."  Sometimes, to facilitate healing, "the story" will be given a different ending.  

I worked with the Psychic Model myself for 20 years before training with Dr. Long.  I believe her method is far more effective.  It could be called The Energy Cleanup Model.  Dr. Long has probably facilitated more regressions than anyone else in America, working in the field for over 60 years.  She has developed highly effective techniques to identify and remove "frozen blocks of energy" that are held in cellular memory.  

To remove these frozen blocks, you do need to experience the emotion of a past situation, but it is a very brief experience and I am always there to guide you, popping you out of the experience into a release.  That release is well worth a few minutes of discomfort.  Physical and psychological healing can result, and the healing is permanent.  As a consumer of healing techniques, you will be impressed with results of The Energy Cleanup Model.




Can kids benefit from Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®?  Yes, the potential benefit is enormous. 

As a parent, you may have noticed that, from birth, your child has had certain pre-dispositions.  Certain talents have been there. but sometimes negative patterns have been there as well.  Where did the latter come from? Probably the answer is "Frozen blocks from the past, held in cellular memory." 

Don't feel guilty if your child has mental blocks about learning, has a problem with thumb sucking, can't stop bed wetting or seems to have a chronic lack of self-confidence.  Instead of worrying that your child "got it" from you, or that you are otherwise a cause of the problem, consider that your child chose you as a parent because you are someone who would help them to release this kind of blockage.  

Here is all that is required for me to work with your child:  Your child should be at least seven years old. 

Depending on the nature of the problem, it may be more appropriate to simply do a session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, e.g., cutting a cord of attachment to a bully at school or relative's hurtful behavior.  When making the appointment, let us know about the nature of the problem and we will schedule accordingly. 

If your child is under 10, you can be present in the room for support.  If your child is over 10, it is preferable for me to meet one-on-one.  I will make a recording of the session for you to listen to later.

With children under 18, I do request that both parents or guardians (assuming there is more than one parent or guardian living with your child at the time of treatment) sign a consent form before a first session with me.  If your child is under the care of a psychologist, I also request written consent.  This way, my services will add to the support your child already receives.  

For both ethical and practical reasons, it is important that the child or teenager is motivated to seek help.  Usually, kids are very receptive to problem solving.  A parent's concerns are no substitute for the child's willingness to heal.  For example, if a parent worries that the child is overweight, but the child doesn't want to change, it would be better to schedule a first session only when the child acknowledges that there is a problem and wants to solve it.

Children respond beautifully to sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.  (In addition to being a mother myself, I did graduate study in Elementary Education and I have worked with children (part-time) for 10 years.)    

So many childhood problems continue because of frozen blocks.  Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® may help your child more quickly than other methods (and when used in conjunction with other methods.)



Surely you have heard jokes like "Everyone who has done a past-life regression was Cleopatra."  With this professional regression specialist you do not need to worry about being guided into a false memory.   

No, probably you weren't a super-famous person in a past life.  You may have known a super-famous person, however.  For instance, consider the great spiritual teachers of the world, including Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Confucius.  Consider the generations of Jews who followed Moses.  Remember the great wisdom traditions, any that have ever fascinated you, like the many temples of learning in ancient Egypt, Druids, those who lived in Stonehenge, or the adepts of Atlantis.   

Many, many people were involved in these sacred traditions.  And one of them could well have been you.

For that reason, you might choose to have one or more sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® devoted to inspiration, where you connect to the greatest spiritual teachers you have ever known.  You can awaken the powerful learning and inspiration from these past experiences.  Thanks to The Energy Cleanup Model, you can also release frozen blocks that may have been associated with those lifetimes. 

You may have also heard about false memory in the context of abuse.  What about moving into alleged memories of sexual abuse that turn out to be false?  A smart consumer will be alert to two ways to prevent this: The practitioner's intent and the practitioner's training. 

As someone with a strong service orientation, and a commitment to deep truth, it is important to me not to guide someone into a false experience.  In addition, my training with Dr. Long includes scrupulous attention to the avoidance of leading questions while a client is in a hypnotic state.  

Also, the Code of Ethics for the National Guild of Hypnotists (of which I have been a member since 2006) expressly forbids any practices that would harm the client.

I have had clients who had been told by specialists, "You show every symptom of having been abused," yet the client has never been able to make contact with buried memories.  If the symptoms really are caused by abuse, or if another cause is responsible, I may be able to guide you there successfully.  And, thanks to my training, I won't just guide you there -- I can help you to release whatever has been holding you back, so that you emerge stronger.



One of Dr. Coletta Long's great discoveries is that of  Perpetrator Lifetimes, those important learning experiences people sign up for where we find out what it is like to do something really bad, like cheating people, lying, killing, raping, etc.  Another great discovery is that she developed techniques to release the guilt from these experiences. 

Yes, even while we enjoy doing that awful behavior, part of us feels guilty.  Then the whole mixed energy becomes a frozen block.  This acts like a karmic magnet, attracting similar experiences but only now on the victim side.  Here are some examples:

  • Battlefield experiences, where pride in your physical strength is tinged with revulsion at killing.

  • Selling families into slavery.  Joy at becoming rich mingles with guilt.

  • Having violent sex with someone you hired -- you feel sexual pleasure along with the knowledge that you are hurting her.

  • Your psychic abilities in that past lifetime were just superb… until you were burned as a witch.  Sweetness, light, clairvoyance and terror -- it isn't a healthy brew to take with you from one lifetime to another. 

Yech, it's true.  People here at Earth School do horrible things to each other.  But we sure learn from doing them.  On the other hand, one banging, slamming Perpetrator Life could set you up for plenty of victim experiences.  When you are ready to release that Perpetrator Lifetime, you will receive a huge payoff for quality of life. 

Usually a person first gravitates toward releasing frozen blocks from some victim experiences, which is fine.  And maybe there are no Perpetrator Lifetimes in your history. Your subconscious mind, in its wisdom, will know what has caused your problem.  Whatever lifetime involved, Perpetrator or Victim, this life or a past one, my job is to help you remove frozen blocks of energy.  We do that right from your first session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. 

About experiencing Perpetrator Lifetimes, let me reassure you, both professionally (because I have led a lot of clients through them and out the other end) and personally (because I have been a client for at least a dozen Coletta Long-style regressions). You won't go there until you are ready.  It is an education, really, experiencing and releasing negative things you have done.  The release of shame and fear is enormously healing. 

Recently, I talked with a client who did a lot of regression work, where the specialist used a different treatment model, that didn't involve the releasing of frozen blocks.  The client was guided into experiencing Perpetrator Lifetimes and, apparently, was re-imprinted with guilt.  So let me caution you.  If you do entrust your precious mind-body-spirit system to Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, be a wise consumer.  Ask if there will be releasing, or simply re-experiencing.



You may know this saying about healing.  That the healer's willingness to go deep within will determine how deeply the client can go deep within.   

Well, my specialty is Deeper Perception.  I have had a lifelong fascination with going as far within as possible to find the truth.  And I took to heart the motto at my college, Brandeis University: Truth even unto its innermost parts.

Maybe that is why many of my clients have said, "Nobody could hypnotize me before" or "I've never gone really deep into trance before."  And they did just fine! 

As an aura reader, I can do before-and-after pictures of your aura, giving you one extra way to evaluate the benefits of your session with me.  Sometimes I bring up this option, but if I don't, you can always request it.  My goal is to be of service. 

Specialized Training is the most important reason why you might choose me as your Regression Specialist.  I have had the privilege of studying with Dr. Coletta Long, a clinical psychologist who developed a unique system for finding and removing frozen blocks, held in cellular memory.  I am one of a small group of her graduates practicing in the world.  

Based in Northern Virginia, I find that most of my clients come from the metro Washington D.C. area.  Yet clients also have come from different parts of the United States, Europe and Asia.  I offer a special Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® program to give you an excellent rate on four sessions, and out-of-towners can schedule two sessions a day on consecutive days.  Sometimes out-of-towners prefer to combine Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® sessions with Personal Mentoring or one of my Workshops, or both.  

If you look elsewhere on my website, you will find many trademarked systems that I have developed.  Mainly, I work at the leading edge.  And although I have studied with some extraordinary teachers, they helped to empower and heal me so that I could do the leading-edge work with Rosetree Energy Spirituality.  

My relationship with Dr. Long is different.  There is no substitute for 60 years of single-minded devotion to a field, combined with her background as a clinical psychologist, and the compassionate intelligence that enabled her to develop her method.  She has been so busy serving humanity that she has never done much to market herself. She hasn't even bothered to give her method a fancy name.  You can learn more about her achievements at her website.


How to Prepare for a SOUL ENERGY AWAKENING HYPNOSIS® Session

For Rose's sessions of Aura Transformation, phone appointments are more convenient than coming in person, and just as effective.  Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® sessions must take place in-person, however.  Currently, all sessions are in Sterling, Virginia, convenient to metro Washington, D.C. and Dulles airport.

To order your Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® Session, click here, and follow the links to our shopping cart.  Phone number information is also provided.

Then email Mitch (Rose's appointment manager) at with your order number to schedule your appointment time.  (If you have questions before making the appointment, send them to this email address as well, or call 703-450-9514.) 

Avoid drinking caffeine for a couple of hours prior to coming to your appointment.  No alcohol, please, for 24 hours before a session, and no marijuana or other recreational drugs for a week in advance.

Wear comfortable clothes for this session.

Most important, bring one or more goals.  As soon as you make your appointment, your Higher Self will set healing in motion.  Once you decide on a goal, your subconscious mind will begin to help you to fulfill it, adding oomph to your session appointment.



  • The Initial Session is $350 U.S., 3 hours

  • Follow-up Sessions are $300 U.S. each, 2 hours

  • A special rate of $1100 U.S. is available for a program of 4 follow-up sessions when purchased in advance -- a $100 discount overall.

All Sessions are in-person.

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